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Display image from nested collection


I have an issue which I’m not sure is a bug or a limitation of the CMS and I’d appreciate someone’s experience.

I have a CMS collection called testimonials which is used as a reference within another cms collection called service options (there are four of these: individual, company, in studio or on location).

On my service options template page i’m trying to add a single testimonial item for the specific service option page that is showing.

I’ve selected the right testimonial item using the conditional filtering and my design has a photo of the testimonial’s author, their name and title plus their comments. However, when trying to connect these elements up to the CMS there’s no link available for the photo element - the testimonial reference is not showing. I can connect all other elements (heading, text etc) but not the photo.

Am I missing something which is causing me to not be able to connect the photo element when all others within the nested reference are available for me to do so?

Can anyone figure out why I cannot connect my photo?



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hi @XtremeExposures there is some misconception how testimonials content are mainly done.

Now back to your issue. To be able to get image that is set in your testimonial as reference you need to:

  1. introduce nested collection
  2. assign this collection to Testimonials (from options)
  3. add image element (in this nested collection)
  4. from image options choose Testimonial Image
  5. set condition that will show correct (single) image
  6. done

IMO this setting for testimonial image is overkill but if it is what you need …
The easiest way IMO is to set image directly as part of testimonial.

Hope that helps.