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References and conditional visibility in cms pages


I have a business website which has client case studies, testimonials and my services as CMS databases. I am referencing the info in my case studies and want to use my testimonials in the services template pages. Each client case study has a reference to a testimonial but the client does not always provide one and so this element may be empty.

I’m now struggling to apply conditional visibility to my services cms page so those pages which don’t have testimonials linked are not visible.

I understand that I should be able to apply conditional visibility to the section which has my testimonials displayed in it but cannot see this option in the conditional visibility part of the designer. Can anyone tell me what I’ve done wrong with my CMS to do this?



Here is my public share link:

EDIT: The issue is being seen on the services page, specifically for the ‘product’ template page. If you look at the branding page, this is how I’d like it to look if there is an associated testimonial provided by my client, if not, then I don’t want this section to be displayed.


So I think i was incorrectly using multi-references and so have now removed this and changed it to be a single reference to a testimonial CMS item in my client case study cms list.

However, this reference does not show up in my designer when I click to link the collection list to the cms item I want to display (testimonials)…

I expect to see testimonials in the service fields, isn’t this correct? I can’t use the testimonials collection because that’ll give them all and I don’t want that.

Any ideas why this reference is not showing in my service field’s section?