Display cms collections depending it's category

Is it possible to navigate through categories ant it’s related items outsied of cms template?

I have a teams and team categories cms. they are related. Outside of cms temlate I want to create small section, where I display all the categories and when I click that, I want below it to show me only the memebres of the team that are related to that categories.

For example when I click Marketing I want it to show me only the marketing team members and etc.

It’s not easy to do that natively- the only way I can think of is;

  • create a multiref from categories to teams
  • create a nested collection list arrangement, categories outer, teams inner
  • build your interactions to create an accordion style UX

However you’re limited to 5 nested items there, and multirefs are difficult to use effectively.

Another approach might be Finsweet’s CMS nest.

Another is SA5’s Layout library which can combine pretty much any element arrangement you want.

Thank you for the answer. I figured natively it is would be hard.

Heard about Finsweet, but SA5 is new for me.

Which one would you recommend?

I engineered SA5 Layout to be much more flexible, however because it’s such a general purpose tool, the docs can be difficult to wrap your brain around. It your understanding of HTML and DOMs is solid it should be easy to grasp.

For those in the designer-toolset-centered mindset, it may be a challenge.

I’ve just released it last week, at some point I’ll put together different use case cloneables to help designers understand how to use it across a huge range of scenarios, but it doesn’t have those convenient docs yet.

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