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Disabling image hosting?

We have built & exported several sites from Webflow recently and noticed occasionally images are served from rather than being pulled from the local images/ directory.

Is there a way to disable this functionality, and have images always pulled from the images/ directory? We are hosting the sites on our own platform and serving everything through a CDN anyways, and when attempting to access an image hosted on post-export we get what looks like a 403 error from S3.

If not, could anyone verify the logic for how these files are stored on the Webflow CDN? It appears to be<siteId>/<pageId>_<filename>

…is this pattern guaranteed? Or is it at least guaranteed that removing everything before the first underscore in the filename will produce the originally uploaded file’s name? If we can’t get the image sources to be consistent, we’d like to rewrite the image sources after exporting the code.

Thanks in advance!