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Disabling interactions on mobile

I’ve disabled most interactions on mobile, yet they continue to activate.
Check out “circle trigger section” and let me know what you think!

Thank you,

Here is my site Read-Only:

Not seeing any section with that name (and no interactions aside from that “while scrolling in view” tbh).

Thanks, Dram. There is a section by that name and yes, it’s the while scrolling in view animation of circles farther down the page that I’m speaking of. In fact, both that animation and the one at the top were told not to activate on phones, but they both still do… Let me know if you can see what I mean!

Could it be you have linked wrong page when creating your read-only? Which page are you talking about?

It’s possible! I didn’t realize the read-only link was for a particular page and thought it was for the whole site. It’s on the home page and most of the top level pages of the entire site. Here’s a new link!

Oddly, the interactions that I had set to not trigger on mobile are now working as intended. Perhaps it was cached. So this is fixed! Thanks for looking into it, dram!

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