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Desktop and Mobile interactions

Just curious but, if we can’t use scroll triggered interactions on mobile, which means I have turn off all scroll animations globally - what is the use of having interactions? Can someone help me out with a walk through on how to keep interactions on desktop and drop them on mobile? I would appreciate any help…thx!

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Hi @Brian_M_Fromknecht

Why do you think we can’t use it?

That’s fine, but you do not have scroll interactions. Or maybe I miss something?

My site was full of interactions on the desktop version but they will not execute as they cascade downward toward mobile so I took them all out except for the top of my page. That loads correctly bc it’s a load trigger and the first thing you see. Short or making every interaction it’s own page, is there a viable solution to either getting the interactions to function correctly across viewports or is there a proper work around that I am not aware of.

Pls forgive my tone. I am a huge fan of WEBLFOW and would like to renew my account when the time comes. However, I, or rather some of us, need some answers.
I thank you Sabanna for your help.

I can show you several sites, which has interactions with scroll trigger which works fine on mobile devices.
I am sorry to hear you experienced such issues and pity you removed them so it is hard to find out the reason of it.


That would be awesome! Any chance of getting the parameters for the interactions as well so I know how to implement them?

First of all, this Webflow site about interactions:
Most of interactions there made with scroll trigger. It works perfect on mobile and tablet.

More about scroll triggered interactions you can find here

Yes thank you Sabanna. I actually have seen all those. Although, I did not see that iOS scroll triggers have been disabled. So, in short scroll triggers aren’t worth the effort due to the mobile issues or is there a work around?

I just now checked interactions site on iPhone (Safari browser) and it works the same as on Android phone.

ahhhh! That’s why…browser issue. Chrome won’t render the effect - that’s what I’ve been using. Damn!

And again, to me it works on iPhone with Chrome browser too, but slower reaction.

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