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Disable scrolling when full menu is open

Hi there,

I have been surfing through the forum and tried many tips with custom code but I still can’t manage to disable the scrolling on my full menu. Can somebody help here ? Would be much appreciated!

All the best

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Elenas test project

@LNA_BLN - I used to use a really complex solution with a javascript library specifically built for this and dealing with iOS, however, it appears that iOS 13+ may reduce the lift for solving this problem.

Take a look at this article, specifically the updated for iOS13 section at the top:

I believe this works, I tested it using the codepen on my iPhone 12 and it works fine.

Let me know,


Hey, thanks Sam!

I am still trying to implement your proposal, I will let you know if I have some questions! Thanks again ))

Will you send your site’s live link? Even the URL would work.

Hello Christopher,

sure, here it is: Webflow - Elenas test project

I would like to be able to fix the menu while open, both on desktop and mobile but if I use the "fixed"position for the menu bar it scrolls down as well when the menu is closed, which I don’t want.

Thanks for the help!