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Disable Scrolling Mobile Menu


I am using the Webflow navbar for a website and set the height of the menu to 100vh so that the menu covers the whole screen. The problem is, that the user is still able to scroll and can see the content of the page below. I searched the forum but did not really find a solution to this problem. Does someone know, how to disable scrolling (it needs to work on iOS, too) Thanks a lot!!!


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@PixelGeek created great tutorial about that. Hope you’ll find it useful :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for your reply. I watched the tutorial from @PixelGeek . He uses two buttons and a custom menu while I am using the standard Webflow navbar with one button. I wonder if there is a solution with the standard Webflow navbar?

Thanks again for all your help!!!

Hello Community,

is there anyone who could help me out with my problem to make the menu full screen and disable scrolling?

Thanks a lot!


Since I can not publish your read only link, I don’t have the possibility to check if it is working - Anyway, I’d try to set fix position for the container that holds your items menu.

Hello shokoaviv,

Wishing you a Happy New Year! I changed the link. You should be able to publish it now:

I couldn’t figure it out, how to disable scrolling. Maybe you know a solution. I greatly appreciate your help!

Thanks so much!