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Disable Billing Address for free item (no shipping) in Webflow Checkout

Hey all, looked around quite a bit but no clarity so far;

How can I disable billing address on Webflow checkout?

We’re using the eccom on Webflow to act as a ‘request quote’ for building materials.

  • We’ve set the price to ‘£0.00’ (free)
  • We’ve turned required shipping OFF
  • Turned off auto tax calculations

The checkout does not work without it. Why is billing details required on a ‘free product’?

When trying to display none on the billing address, I get this error in console;

An invalid form control with name='address_line1' is not focusable.

Am I missing something? Is it simply not possible? Thanks in advance!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Same question! It’s been creating churn by our side as well.

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Bumping - This shouldn’t even need to be a question ug.

Bumping again - Please can this be made an option :pray:

Webflow pays more attention to the Wishlist then requests in the forum. I suggest it would be beneficial as an Item there.