Directory Building Advice

I was wondering if anyone could help me out with advice on how to build a directory site with reviews like Nomad List or Thingtesting? Thanks in advance!

To start with;

1 - Explore the Made in Webflow showcase, and Webflow’s Templates to see if you can find somethings that looks & works roughly how you want, as a starting point.

2 - Read up on CMS collections, and collection lists.

3 - Read up on Webflow’s hosting, plans, and limits on Collections and Collection Lists. You need to know if that will work for your site design.

Hi Joao :wave:

Lots of approaches to solve something like this.

If you want to build this yourself and not rely upon a 3rd party solution (and I’m sure there are some for this specific need) then here’s how I’ve solved it.

This screencast walks you through how to setup what you’ve asked for. It demonstrates a commenting system, but a review system is the same. It’s part 4 of a series of screencasts: