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Different work of the same animation

I animated two elements. White text on the left and yellow title “CRYTEK STUDIOS” on the center.

Attention, a question! Why does the text move VERY smoothly and slowly, but no title? I do not want the text to move smoothly and I changed the smoothing value by 1%. But it did not work.

I do not want very slow animation! What the heck is this?

Here is my link:

Page “Concept Site for Crytek”

There video record of my problem:

Maybe anyone help me?


Hi! It is because you shouldn’t target the same element with interactions v1 and v2 at the same time if they do the same thing (transform for example). Either use ix2 for both animations or create a div into which you should put your paragraph and target that div with one of your animations (for example remove “text visible” ani from your paragraph and apply it to its parent div that you just created).


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Oh, why I did not check old animation earlier?

Thank you, good man!

Well, now I will experience Interactions 2.0 at full power.

You do that! Glad to help

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