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Hurray for IX 2.0 Beta

For my account opened interactions 2.0! At last! How I waited for this! Now it remains to understand the new settings) Now I’ll try to do something, and then lay out the result


oooooo. with that hero row, I’m already excited about what you’ll be doing.



I’m starting to learn the settings :star_struck:

There was here such problem. I made the animation so that the 2 elements during the scroll down, also moved a little bit move down. And after the scroll up they are supposed to move up and return to the initial position. But this does not happen. What have I done wrong?

Here is my link:

Page "Concept Site for Crytek"

Still nothing here. I signed up for the beta months ago…

There video record of my problem

(Sorry, forgot to attach it in the previous post)

And here is my link to the published site:

It shows that the animated text goes down, even without scrolling. and does not move anymore.

No scroll animation can be seen, so probably the interactions do not work on the published or exported website?

I’m talking about this. Animation work by itself without scroll. And animated elements don’t return to their original position.

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