Different design for separate blog posts possible?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to give my separate blog post a different look (colors, images, fonts etc).
But because it’s in the template I don’t seem to get it happen.

Any thoughts, ideas on how to make sure I can separately work on blog posts?

Thanks a lot!


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Colors could be altered by a “category” (other collection referenced in the post). Define a collection, name categories of post and for each, define a color. You’ll be able to use the color for elements backgrounds or texts within the post template.

For the rest, you can define a lot more fields in the collection of the posts. For example instead of one header image, define 2, 3 4… and use conditional visibility to show or hide things depending on if they’re set of not.

Do you see where i’m going?


Thank you!

The conditonal visibility I figured out.

Could you maybe explain how the categories come up in my blog posts?

Could I also work with different fonts per post?


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