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Dev - Live database merge and reconciliation

What happens when I have a CMS with collections populated with content and I make updates to the content, add new collections and publish the revisions to the dev site (.ie and at the same time my client is publishing new content or making edits to the live site ( When I push my changes to the live CMS site how does Webflow reconcile my changes with the clients content changes? Does it merge the two together? Because I noticed that when I login to the Admin CMS I will get a dialogue box that says “This page is out of date”. It will only disappear if I publish my changes to the live url.

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Hi @shauncy - the database that is on your production site will also persist any new items or changes to the item to the staging database. If validation fails when attempting to persist the item to the staging database (due to a new required field or something) the user in the Editor will not be able to save the item until you publish the site again.

Hope this helps!

Hi @brryant Yes that makes total sense. Thank you sir.