Desktop and laptop size suggestions

I love the fact that you guys offer computer and mobile device sizes in order to make sure that websites fit and look right. But it would be even better if you offered different size monitor laptop and desktop options. I highly suggest this because I work on my “Alienware” 17 inch laptop. All looks great on it as well as the mobile devices. But when I view my work on a 15 inch monitor, I have to somewhat scroll down vs it fitting on screen, without the viewer having to scroll down.

Hey @legacys7,

But that shouldn’t actually be happening, because there should be an automatic scaling for the page. This would be a framework structure on how it’s laid out.

For example:

  1. If there are photo, graphic, any image type issues, it’s going to be the original size of the image. So the editing process, export file type and the Div structure in Webflow - they all need to work in conjunction, so what you’re describing won’t happen.

If you post your read only link, we can check the specific page and see what’s taking place :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the prompt reply. Where do I post the link at?

Into the reply section here… go here to see how to do it:

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