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Chaging between different size only on desktop

I want to shrink down the size, when viewing my side on my big monitor. But when I change the size It becomes to small on my laptop. How can I make it smaller on my monitor but keep the size on my laptop?

Would be cool if somebody could help! :slight_smile:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Well, you can target different resolutions. probably your monitor and your laptop screen have the same resolution so everything looks the same. I don’t think you can reliably target physical device size.

Hello @Felix_O!

You can make a sudo custom container by setting a maximum and minimum width in pixels while setting the normal width to what you have currently.

Hey there @Felix_O!

Can you confirm I understand correctly what you are trying to achieve:
You want the content of your website to take less space on your large monitor compared to the space it takes on your small screen laptop?

If yes, can you help me get a bit more context by answering the following questions:

  • What’s the resolution of your monitor and of your laptop?
  • What’s the physical size (in inches) of both screens?
  • How did you set the width of your main container? Is it in PX, % or VW/VH? Is it a fixed amount or is it a range of Min. / Max.?
  • And last, why do you want to achieve this?


Thank you all and sorry for the confusion I figured it out. I just had to set a percentage with…