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Designing your own site... Impossible!

Hi guys!
I am working on my own website on webflow, and it’s driving me insane…
I can design websites for other people in a heart bit but when it comes to my own site
i can’t seem to make up my mind about anything!!

I already designed like 4-5 different sites and i just keep deleting it and starting from scratch LOL :smile:
so i think it would be a good idea to hear your opinions, on the structure, on the general design,
technically if something is wrong on the site and anything else you would like to point out.

this is what everybody sees now, a landing page:

this is the site i’m working on:
and still not satisfied with anything i do for the portfolio page:

HELP :warning:

Worth what is worth but I kinda don’t dislike your OLD site. You don’t have too much references to present, you may not need several sections, vertical browsing etc… as much as you’d like to use fantastic Webflow things for yourself, keep in mind the experience for the user. A simple grid that works and fits almost in one screen is a straightforward efficient experience. From there you could add subtle behaviors using Interactions, maybe. I hope that it helps.

@Mordi_Levi ! I know that feeling. Don’t worry. This is a common feeling among creatives. Heck, it took me 2 years to finish up my site, . about 1.5 years and 4 designs trashed to find a concept and a couple of months to actually make it.

I wrote a short article exactly on this topic.

tl;dr - don’t start with Webflow to design your story, start with a pen and paper.

If you need help or more motivation, just ask! =D


Definitely agree with your “don’t start with Webflow to design your story, start with a pen and paper.”

@Mordi​_​​Levi. If you are a Mac user I highly recommend getting Sketch 3 for doing super fast concept designs. It is a mix between Photoshop and Illustrator without all of the fluff so you can bang out ideas really fast. I work faster on the computer than I do with pen and paper so I just use that when I want to build out an idea quickly.

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please read the article. Because I go into detail of what I had to do to get out of the mindset that you’re in right now. =)

i did read it and it looks like you can read minds… :smile:
i look a lot on other designers portfolios, not to copy but more to learn about different layouts i can use, the problem is after i see an amazing website i go back to mine and say “it’s not enough!”

I did start from sketching i always do, did it a few times, moved it to the computer started working…
and somewhere along that process something that I considered great minutes ago suddenly is not good enough…

The main problem is that I thought webflow can solve the technical problems, because i don’t know code, but i find my self getting stuck on small things like aligning icons while the whole creative mood gets trashed…
When I design a logo or create an illustration I have a perfect workflow, but i used to design a website, send it to a programmer and that’s it. He would just make it happen. Now when i start brainstorming for my website i just keep thinking “can i do it in webflow” and it shifts the whole creative process to technical issues…

Webflow won’t solve all your design problems because you still need to know the fundamentals of HTML/CSS/jQuery

Read that. It’ll help you understand why you need to know how to code.

my advice to digital designers is that you don’t need to actually become a developer; simply focus on understanding how code works, and use that knowledge to enrich your designs.

And the best way to learn? Do.

I would suggest going to before moving forward with your site. Learning to code will help you grow in this industry that is built on code. If you need more help or advice, just ask! =D

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Tried a bunch of times, code just somehow reminds me of math and than i start puking on the keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess coding is a demon i will have to face one day! But for now i still need a website!
Thank for the good advices guys, you’re the best :smile: