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Designer profile showcased site thumbnails not updating

So a few days ago I went in and updated the custom thumbnails for my showcase projects on my designer profile. However now I don’t see any thumbnails at all on the profile page.

The thumbnails are 540x360 jpg and show just fine when editing the project details.

Any ideas on this issue?

I see the issue too.

Do you happen to still have one of the file you used as a thumbnail? Mind to share it? maybe there’s a problem with how you crafted those images.

Sure thing. Here’s a link to one of the files.

I don’t see a problem, maybe try again with PNG format.

Tried PNG on a a few, but nothing changed.
sRGB is fine for the color profile, right?

Looking at the code, I can see that it’s using the placeholder image, but why?
Could <!-- ngInclude: undefined --> be a clue?

I’m clueless.


Hi @matthewpmunger this definitely sounds like a bug and we’re looking into it actively! I’ll follow-up as soon as I have more information. Thank you so much for posting this! :bowing_man:

Thanks @Waldo . You guys are the best. I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

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Hey @matthewpmunger,

I tried to reproduce this but all seems fine on my end.

Have you tried to log out and then log in trough in Incognito mode, with all your browser extensions turned off?

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Hi @matthewpmunger,

Thank you again for posting about this issue.

We were able to file a report, investigate, and uncover the root cause of the error here.

Can you please try to republish each of your showcased projects? This should automatically update the images.

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by to see if this resolves the issue.

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Hey @Brando thanks for looking into this. Unfortunately I’m not seeing this resolved on my end.

Here’s what I tried with no success.

  • Republishing a project
  • Turning off showcase of a project, republishing, and then turning showcase on
  • Updating showcase thumbnail and saving project showcase

Is there a specific order that I need to do these steps in?

Hi @matthewpmunger,

Thank you so much for your patience!

We were able to investigate and find the cause of this issue - could you please republish each of your showcased projects and let me know if the images are updated?

​Thanks in advance, and I’m standing by for your confirmation.

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Hey @Nita, those must be some pesky bugs. It looks good now.

However you should know that republishing wasn’t the fix on my end. What worked was uploading a new thumbnail in the showcase settings, but not just any thumbnail. If it was already formatted to 540x360 it wouldn’t work, yet if I uploaded something larger that needed to be cropped it worked. So that’s what I ended up doing for each project.

Not sure why that did the trick but it did. Maybe add a way to remove the thumbnail image. Right now the only way to remove an image that doesn’t work is to replace it with another.

Thanks for letting me know @matthewpmunger.

I’ll keep following this issue with the team!

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