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Designer looking for someone to build my portfolio site

Hello! I am a designer who’s looking for a developer to code my responsive portfolio website.

I already have it designed and am looking for someone to build/code it out in Webflow who can add nice touches and transitions. I built my current site ( using Webflow, but this new design is a bit out of my comfort zone.

It’s a portfolio website with 6 pages, an opt-in (newsletter signup) and contact form. I have ideas about functionalities I was thinking about but nothing too crazy.

If you are also skilled at php/wordpress am also looking for a separate blog build out using wordpress (obv not through webflow). I have it designed as well, it will just be a blog (my main website will link to this).

I have a budget for this project, but would like to get a quote from who ever is interested - I can provide more details and screenshots :smile:

Being a designer, I am also looking to establish a potential long-term relationship to build out websites for some of my clients :slight_smile:

Thanks so much!

That is awesome that you did the Outback logo.

I love running across people

  • who actually create something
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I am interested here is my public profile:

Hi! I am intrested. I am building-designing my companies site right now: also done this a while ago:
Let me know if you r intrested

Hello @Leah_Quinn,

I’d love to help you get this built. :slight_smile: Just find me here:

Setting up/designing the wordpress blog should be pretty simple as well, though you may be interested in other options/cms integrations directly into webflow such as tidycms or another easy to use/install cms for the site. With that in place, you’d be able to add blogs into your site no problem. :smile:

Just send me a message and we can discuss the project further. :slight_smile:

Look forward to hearing from you soon.


P.S. CSS Animations/transitions are some of my favorite elements of web design :slight_smile: hope you enjoy the examples on my site, as well as this recent 100% css animation I built out: our only limitation is our imagination :slight_smile:

Hi @Leah_Quinn,

First, love your work! I would really like to be involved in this, my site is and designer portfolio of webflow work is Feel free to “Hire me” or contact me through the site and I will get back to you soon. I am confident I can give you any functionalities that webflow can, crazy or not! Check out as an example of a portfolio site I recently built for a motion graphics designer.

I can also integrate with a variety of CMS’ if you like but you obviously seem proficient in webflow so that shouldn’t be needed.

My team can also help with wordpress set up, and I am happy to discuss this more and consider the various options.

Many Thanks,


My son is in need of someone to hire to build his e-portfolio no later than 7/18/15 . Can you help? What is your cost? What info do you need?

Hello @Toni_Thomas please contact me:
I can have the site built by or before 7/18.

Thank you,


sure we can do this! Have connected many sites from web flow to backend especially php/wordpress. Let me know and send some more data to tell you the final price. Thank!