Designer Frozen/Freezing: Getting "Uncaught Error: invalid keyPath" console errors

Hey guys, first time this ever happened to me, but the Designer appears to be frozen :-/ unsure if this is helpful but here’s a screenshot of console along with the link to report:

Console Log:

Update: This occured when clicking “duplicate” on an item
Update: It appears that i’m not able to duplicate items :-/

Hey @thewonglv, how is it going buddy :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about the trouble, there was a similar issue raised on this with same error when changing image from the data manager, but that one was fixed, this might be related to that.

Thanks for the great bug detail, as soon as there is info on this, I’ll post an update!

Getting these errors again today. I’m unable to navigate the Data Manager from inside the Designer :frowning:
cc @waldo @callmevlad

Console Log:

Seems to be happening in the Editor as well:

Console Log:

Thanks so much for sending this over @thewonglv :bow: we’re investigating the issue and I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information!

@thewonglv were you able to reproduce this behavior in Incognito mode with all browser extensions turned off?

We have not been able to reproduce the behavior in a duplicate version of your site.
Just to confirm you are trying to duplicate a collection item in your “Cars” collection when this occurs? Or something else?

Could you please send over a screen recording of the behavior as it occurs as well?

Thanks in advance! :bow:

(1) I will attempt to repro. stay tuned
(2) i was only navigating. not performing any action. just opening and closing items (it happens randomly from time to time)
(3) i will screencast it over shortly (do you have any screencasting software recs? seems to be offline :frowning:

Thanks so much! CloudApp is amazing and I highly recommend it.

You can make GIFs or videos (5 minute length), annotated screenshots/gifs or share any files with a link (super handy tool we’re using every day here, and their site happens to be built in Webflow)

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@waldo CloudApp is sick!

Repro while in incognito mode:

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Thank you so much for sending that over! We’re looking into a potential fix, I’ll let you know as soon as I have more info :bow:

super appreciate it homie!

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Hi @thewonglv we’ve pushed a fix for this issue, can you please let me know if the error is now resolved on your end?

Thanks @waldo! i’ll keep my eyes open for any strange behavior :slight_smile:

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