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Designer cropping content

Hi there,

I’ve been using Webflow for nearly two years now (huge fan) and something that keeps happening intermittently to me is that in some sites I build, the Designer crops the content in the last section. This is maddening as I am confident that my layout structure is fine: all sections = width:100vw (or 100%), height: auto + min-height (or set height), no floating (I noticed a while back floating left was causing an issue). This should allow for all content to flow down the page without any issues. In all my investigations I have managed to fix it but I never quite worked out what the fix was, it just seemed to happen, so it sometimes re-happens.

Today it happened to me again. Fortunately I came across this fix to the problem, and it works!

So, kind of wondering, why does this happen? Can’t Webflow sort this out so a fix isn’t needed? There must be others running into this all the time.


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