BUG: Bottom of page getting cut-off (eg: Padding ignored)

Long-time Webflow user here, but making my first Webflow Forum post.

BUG: Within the Designer, I have noticed on a frequent basis, that the Bottom of my page is getting cut off, as if the Bottom Section Padding is getting ignored.

EXAMPLE: The last element on my page is a Section, with some footer content… The Section has 80px of Padding on the Bottom… When I first add the Padding, it looks as intended - however, once I move the page around, it cuts all Bottom Padding off (visually), essentially cropping the bottom of the page up to the last Element inside the Section.

The First Photo is of the problem… As you can see, the Section has 120px Padding on Top, and 80px of Padding set on the Bottom - and the Designer’s scrollbar is all the way to the Bottom. However, there is ZERO Padding in the Bottom of the Section for some reason…
The Second Photo is how it Should look, and how it initially looks before I move the page, which causes the problem… And yes, the issue is consistent between the Designer as well as the actual Preview of the page.

The Issue:

How it Should look:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!

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Very weird.
Add read-only + live URL please.

I would, but A) there isn’t a live URL yet, and B) It’s not my place to post a read-only link, as the website is being created for a Client (a Union), so I would be breaking contractual agreements by doing so… The only thing I can do is provide Live URL once finished, or use the Finished product for my Portfolio.

In any case, the photo’s I provided, along with the explanation, is everything there is to it. It’s happened on multiple occasions, and I’ve thoroughly examined all elements and design properties that could be causing this to happen, and there is simply no explanation whatsoever.

Again, when I first add the Padding to the bottom, it’s perfectly fine! It’s only when I move/scroll through the page in the Designer, when it then clips off the Padding from the Bottom of the Section. So It’s got to be a BUG of some kind, rather than something on my end - otherwise it wouldn’t be working correctly in the first place, prior to the issue happening only after scrolling up and back down.

Does anybody have ANY idea what could be causing this?
Aside from a BUG, it simply doesn’t make any sense :confused:

PS… I should mention:
Even when I create a NEW, EMPTY Section at the bottom of the page, add a Container, and put Padding on the Top and Bottom of the Section, it still does the same thing - the Bottom clips all the way up to the bottom of the Container, rather than maintaining the Padding in the Bottom of the empty Section.

OK so add an example for this (Add div - put all site content inside this div - and Copy paste to Empty site - remove logos and so on - and share this). For me, the padding-top/bottom works fine (Maybe try incognito mode). I am sure this issue related specifically to your project (CSS overflow issue. max-height some where, Flexbox or any idea like this). Also disable JS and test your site (Maybe this is JS issue).

No way to help you without URL.

@Siton_Systems Please read my PS. comment above your last response… It happens even when I create a brand new section at the bottom of the page, add a container only, add 80px Padding to Top and Bottom of Section… Yet it still clips the bottom of the Section’s Padding all the way up to the bottom of the Container, without leaving the Bottom Padding. Just unexplainable and odd.

Again. No way for me (Or any other user) - to help you without URL (Create “beta” project and copy-paste). Its hard to guess why.

If you want - send me in private the URL.

Just went to create a new page to copy/paste to, and realized I’m at my limit for my plan. Grrr… I guess I’ll have to figure it out myself, because I cant upgrade my plan from where It’s at, at the moment.

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