Design Issues - Elements move in preview

Hey everyone,

I’ve attached a link for you to check out. I’ve been dealing with this issue for a while now, but I’ll make design changes in the designer and then I’ll go to preview it and the elements I designed in the designer move/aren’t where I placed them. I tried publishing the site to see if the elements I designed in the designer are more accurate and it still isn’t in the exact place I put it in.

Hi AJ,

To help you efficiently, we need your site’s public read-only link. Do you mind sharing it please? Here are two methods to generate it.

1 - From the Designer, top right button. This is the recommended way as it will link directly to the page you’re on.

2 - From your site’s Settings panel:

Once generated and copied, come back here to paste the link.

Thanks in advance.

Here you go… go to the designer or the published website and click the “How” tab you will see that the home and how tabs end up in different places depending on if you’re in the design preview view or viewing it on the published website.

I want to make sure these tabs scale correctly on other website screens that might be smaller or bigger than mine.