Issues with the Layout settings

two issues i have with the designer.

1.for some reason when i place an element in the designer. its position is different when i press preview,
im trying to change the position but again when i press the position is several pixels back from were i positioned it.

2.when i try to change elements position with percentage the following happens

A. when i change the width both height and width are changed together like they are linked.

B.when i change the height nothing happens,

why are those things happening and how do i solve it?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi @Assaf, thanks for the input and the questions.

I probably would first ask which elements you are adding to the canvas, can you help to share some screenshots? Here is a good tool:

Second, if you are trying to assign height in % to your classes, make sure to add a 100% height to the body so that there is actually some % there to fill. When the body height is set to auto, the content will use only the available height of your content on the page.

hii there, thanks for replying :slight_smile:
any way as you can see i shared a link so you can see for yourself

Hi @assaf, thanks, usually helping to share which elements giving the problem will help to speed up the resolution, I will be happy to check it out and see if I can find the issue.

When I have more info, I will update.

well i provided a link preview link so you can see for yourself.

but if it will be helpfull, then i have an image inside a section.

i also uploaded a video cupture of the problem…

the same thing is happening rather if im changing the size on the image itself, or the section