Deleting all collection records in bulk


We’re actively building our website doing changes to both the site itself and a database which stores records that we re-import when the data model (in the DB) changes.

To perform some volume testing we imported 4 000 “test” records into Webflow CMS.

Question is : is there a way to bulk delete 4 000 records into our collection? Going 100 records at a time is killing us…

I’ve been there.

The closest I can recommend is to write a Postman script, which requests 100 items, deletes each of them individually ( 1 sec delay between each? ) and loops until done.

Thanks @memetican Nice. Will have a look at it give it a try.

According to me you have access to the Webflow API by generating an API token from your Webflow account settings. You can use the API to list the items in your collection. This will allow you to get the IDs of the items you want to delete.

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