How to delete 2500 CMS items at once?

Is there any way to delete a cms collection with 2500 item at once? I do not want to delete 100 items 25 times…


If there is not an option in the interface then you could just delete the collection create it again. Other options include using power automate if you are into automations. Seems like 25 pages of select all / delete takes less time than posting and waiting for feedback.

Thanks @webdev. But I can’t delete a collection as long as it contains items…

It could have been that there is an easy way. And I thought, it doesn’t cost anything to ask. Sorry, if this was a stupid question.

@Nine -

Yep sorry for sending you down a dead end. I am so use to using databases that I forgot to double check. That is probably blocked to protect users.

I have built a few RPA workflows with Webflow. Obviously not worth the effort for your case.

Webflow has a wishlist. You might consider adding an entry for bulk delete capability. They had an old one but it shows as shipped. Meaning what you see now is an improvement over one at a time like it was back then. Imagine if you had 10k or more.