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Trouble deleting newly uploaded CSV import data from a collection

So I used the new csv import to bring in some data from the application we are building and I now have 171 records that didn’t quite come in the right way. My question is SIMPLE - How do i clear the contents of a collection so I don’t have to delete one item at a time? Please PLEASE tell me there’s some kind of way to do this as deleting one at a time is simply enough reason to quit at this point.

I have removed all ties to the collection from lists and other so nothing should be there to stop a delete.

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@Edmund_Bini Oh no! I don’t know of a way to batch delete collection items or collections. Maybe @PixelGeek or @cyberdave knows more :slight_smile:

Hi @Edmund_Bini we actually pushed an update on Friday so that whenever you upload a new CSV we create a restore point just before the CSV is uploaded so that you can restore to a previous site version:

​Please let me know if this is helpful or if you have any additional questions.

That’s terrible news because if I roll back to that I lose the rest of the changes I made on my site as well right? Tell ya what -

Is there a way to have webflow “overwrite” an entry based on a key field? I am passing a key into it anyway so if i can programmatically set it to update instead of make another copy that would solve my issue as well. Any ideas @Waldo?

I assume I will have to figure this one out myself as nobody seems to be home. IN any case, it may be a neat little addition to allow users to assign a “key” field in any CSV import so that if the key is already found it will simply “overwrite” that record. This would make a nice addition.

Hi @Edmund_Bini we’re working on a Bulk Delete feature for collections which will help resolve the issue. An overwrite feature would be an awesome feature to have in Webflow, and is something you could definitely post in our Webflow Wishlist.

We’ll make an announcement as soon as the bulk delete feature is available.

I appreciate the answer @Waldo and I did what you said and added the idea to the wishlist but man there’s a lot of wishes on that list! :sweat_smile: