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Deleteing assets and asset folder/categories

I am really surprised that we cannot delete assets.

Our website is a product based with hundreds of products. Having to scroll through all assets is very time consuming, especially ones that ma have been accidentally uploaded or those that we decided that are not going to be used.

I would like to also suggest: Allow the creation of Folders for Assets. Our company manufactures antique reproductions wall lights, chandeliers, table lamps etc. We have hundreds of products. It would be great to have each category of products in its own respective folder.


The asset manager is pretty new, it will come for sure.

You can clean the project of unsued assets using a workaround.

First delete unused classes from the classes tab.

Then, go to the dashboard and duplicate the site. The duplicate will be free of unused assets.

I’m just surprised this wasn’t built out when asset manager was introduced.

Any thoughts on being able to organize assets by folder or category? Has that been brought to the table?

Thanks Vincent

Actually I am not surprised at all. As a developer I know how this is a delicate feature tu come with. It runs on an already sophisticated software and you don’t want to mess up with users things. When it’s been introduced, it had hickups on many aspects. Now it runs smoothly, you can drag tens of files in it at a time, it’s flawless.

Organizing deleting, adding other types of files, all of this only makes sense, I’m pretty sure it wil come, it’s a safe bet. Just don’t expect it or sell it this way, only work and sell what exists, that’s a good advice I think (:

+1 on this. It may be flawless in some respects, but not the obvious ones. :smile:

I should clarify that my +1 is for asset organization/management (folders/grouping) not Delete… looks like that is in there now!

Adding my vote for folders in assets manager. Overall beautiful platform, we’re have a great experience with it, with some minor aggravations but way ahead of other options we’ve tried.