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Deleted CMS already exist

I have deleted my CMS collections as my colleague did it wrong. But now when i try to recreate a new one, i get the warning that it already exists. Is there a fix for this.

Everything has been deleted but i just can not figure this out


Things to try: unpublish and republish the site, duplicate it too.


I have tried both of those options but it did not work

Any other suggestions. Glad to try. And thanks for that advice

Kind Regards

Would be helpful if you shared a read only version of the project. Without that, I would make sure you don’t have a file or folder with the name “categories”.


Sure thing. Here’s the link

As you’ve mentioned, how would i check files and folders? Sorry i am new to webflow


You already have path because you enabled e-commerce.

Hi @Kayso89

I performed a hard refresh on the admin end. This should help clear out the bindings and you’ll be able to recreate this collection.

Please let me know if that helps!

Hi @Brando,

I’ve attempted to try again but it is still showing the same thing as previous posted. Is there away for me myself to do the hard refresh for the site? Also as mentioned by @webdev, i am struggling to delete even the path when e-commerce is disabled


Once you enable e-commerce, a new collection called “Categories” is added to the system. It reserves the Collection URL /category and that is not modifiable. So you can’t create a cms collection and try to use that slug. That is why you are getting the error. There is no reset for that.

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You can change the Name, just not the slug.

Hi @webdev,

Thank you so much. I will just change the slug but will know for next time. You have been such an amazing help . Thank you


Sure. Glad I could help.