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Problem with CMS

Can someone help me solve this problem?

Here is my public share link:

@Andrew_Antoshkin the reason you get this error is because Ecommerce is activated and by default Webflow creats a collection with that name. You have to give your collection a different name.

Nice :slight_smile: The error like this is little confusing. Hope webflow @staff change the error in this specific case (error like “webflow E-commerce already use this reserved word bla bla” - unclear errors is real UI problem) - also what happen if you first create “categories” and than activated Ecommerce.

if you do it the other way around there is an error saying that you have to rename the Collection

Ok! Thank you!

But how can I deactivate Ecommerce?

Nope when its activated it is, sorry.


I understand right now :slightly_smiling_face: