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Why can’t I delete the Password Protected page or 404 page from teh Webflow pages panel? I do not want those available on most of the sites I work on. If nothing else, I should be able to hide them from the panel.

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They are not.

  • The 404 page will show up for any wrongly typed URL with your site’s domain.
  • The Password page will show up on URLs of pages you chose to password protect, or on any URL of your site if you decide to protect the whole site.

They won’t—in any way—bring a bad experience to your visitors.

404 is not only a way to indicate an error but also a chance to propose an alternative navigation for the ones who are lost. Wrong URLs happen all the time and are out of your control: URL badly shared, mistyped URL, CMS content not available anymore, page that has changed name, or deprecated page, server hickup… Without that page the user is left with a local browser error and you can simply lose the visit. 404 are also a great space to bring fun in any website.

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If you don’t want the 404 page to be seen, you can also redirect users to your home page.

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=/" />

Paste the above code here:

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