Is there a way to 'hide' pages on a website?


I have built a full website, but I’m not ready to properly launch. I’ve got a ‘coming soon’ page, without any links to the rest of the site.

However, I’ve also got a 404 page, which has multiple links to the main site. If someone puts in a bad url, it will go to the 404 page.

Is there a way to ‘hide’ pages that you don’t yet want to be seen? Even if it is just the 404 page?

Thank you!


Renanme the 404 to something else and it won’t be a 404 until you decide it.
Now if there’s no links to innner pages from home you should be safe.
You can add a noindex nofollow to the inner pages with custom cde to be very sure but if the pages have never been indexed, they won’t if no link point to them.

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This is how we do it in our site:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex, follow" />


That’s great. Thanks!

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