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Delete, hide and keep the elements of your template without losing everything

hello community,

Could I get the original template back if I modify it or delete elements (section, containers, div block), layout & design.
I bought a model.
I start to make changes and remove blocks, images.
Thanks to you, have a nice daymy template

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Yes, you can restore the template to its original version.

In Project Settings, go to Backups tab and scroll down to the bottom. You should see a section called Original Version. You can then Preview or Restore the original template.

If you only want a few elements back, I would restore an earlier backup to avoid losing all your progress.

Thank you for your reply! but how to restore a previous backup to avoid losing everything

Unfortunately, you can’t. If you restore a template to its original version, all of your classes, symbols, and pages are deleted.

I recommend restoring a backup instead, not the template. This way you can have more control of how far you want to go back.

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hello thank you very much.
so far i have duplicated the template to make a copy.
On the original, I delete all the pages, image, elements which are in excess. I don’t know if it’s good but I have to move on. I also read that it would be better to deactivate the links on the images in question