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Delete Button stops working

Hi Webflow team,

I’ve noticed for the last few days that the Delete button on my keyboard randomly stops functioning in the Designer. I’ve not nailed down a particular “thing” that sets this issue off unfortunately, and cannot replicate it at will. However it is not localised to a single project, I have experienced the issue in multiple projects. It’s happened 4-5 times in the last couple of days.

It’s not a massive issue, just bringing it to your attention. The issue can be resolved by exiting to the Dashboard, and going back into the project again.


Hi Andy! :wave:

Hmmm this does sound odd. I don’t suppose you’ve noticed a pattern of using something in particular? Rich Text Element or the Code Editor by chance? Would be interesting to see if it happens in multiple browsers.

Also, when it happens next time, can you just make sure the delete key works in another window before refreshing the designer, just to rule out your browser or software.

Any updates or if you’re able to reproduce it then let me know.

@magicmark I have this bug too, for a few weeks/months.

After a couple of minutes in the designer, I can’t delete. I had it all the times a few weeks ago, then less, then since 2 days I have that bug back. Doesn’t happen all the time.

1 another that produces regularly for a few months or weeks now: after a moment in the Designer, I can’t edit a text, have to refresh.

1 another that happens for long months now: after a while, I can’t drag and drop an image in the Designer, Import have to use the Import button.

↑ those three bugs are resolved with a refresh, but can happen again very soon (the second one happens after 5 or 6 new text edits).

@magicmark Hey buddy! Hope you’re well.

Honestly can’t see a pattern, it seems to strike randomly! Definitely not Rich Text or Code Editor as I’ve not used either for a few days.

Already done as suggested and tested the delete button in another window when it struck earlier - it’s definitely only a problem within the Designer (delete key worked everywhere else, e.g. URL bar, in a Word document etc).

I did rule out that.

I didn’t yet, i’d have reported it :slight_smile:

I think when it happens you can still Cut elements instead of deleting them. That was the workaround for the delete not working in Read Only sites recently.

Interesting, I’ll give that a go next time :slight_smile:

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