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Deformed images

Hello everyone,

I started recently to use webflow so I am still learning.
On this project, I recently witnessed some bugs from the cms preview to the website published.
I have a bug with assets on my current cms, some pictures appear right without being deformed and other times they appear as downloaded. I would like to know how to make it even because I have published my project.
I also noticed that the layout is squeezed to the right now when on the project preview it’s all good.

Thanks for the help in this project.

Here is the ready link

Hi @KevaEpale!

This tag is out of your grid, so is squeezing to the right. Just remove that margin and it will be ok.

About deformed images, I dind’t get it. It looks deformed in the image. Could explain about it again?

Eve Kayser

Hello Eve,
Thanks, I had hidded it but I guess it wasn’t enough.

Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

For the images and layout squeezed to the left it’s on the episode page.
I really don’t know what I removed in the parameters that changed everything. It was well aligned and since Saturday when I published the website, it just had this bug.
Every time I add an element on my cms, some pictures get deformed…

Hope you can detect the cause of the bug :muscle: