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Image Changes its size in preview mode

Hello folks, how are you doing?

I’m starting with webflow, this is my first project.
I am used to illustrator and photoshop, and this interface (and everything :joy:) is quite diferent.
However I have watched almost every video of webflow university, so I think that I’m not starting right from 0, but almost.

I’m struggling with a strange behaviour in the preview mode. The same element changes randomly its size from one to other, and I don’t know which one is the right one :cry:
I attach some screenshots!

Sin título-1|690x357

I beg your help, pleeeease :pray:

And now, it’s happening in the editor too…

Hey @whoesther,

The issue seems to be due to a negative left margin on your Div block 7, Setting that to auto seems to fix the issue.