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Native Webflow Accordion Widget

I know there is a work-around using the Dropdown component, but it would be a real time saver to have it as an option, like the tabbed panel. Thanks!


I agree @Marsha ; it would save a lot of time!

@Marsha and @Filipa I’m working on a tutorial for how to build out accordions using the Webflow Dropdown widgets. In the mean time you’re welcome to clone and play with this or use it for your projects :wink:

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Thanks @Waldo. I saw your Accordion Menu Tutorial a few months ago and was able to put up my own accordion on a website I was working on. The thing is, it would be easier if we had an accordion element like we have for tabs… yes… sometimes I’m a bit lazy :blush:

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Thanks @Waldo, I’ll look forward to your tutorial, hopefully your method is more efficient than my work-around.

An Accordion Widget is a glaring omission! We need one badly.

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I agree with the need of a smoothly animated accordion element. A common issue with the current workaround using dropdown menus is that if you click outside of the accordion it will unintentionally close. ( that’s why I build my own from scratch using .innerHeight() ).

It would also be really nice to have Tabs that animate height between different sized panes smoothly, instead of just appearing like they do now.

And while we are at it … why not let us share Symbols across all our projects? All we need UI wise is a dropdown menu in the symbols / interactions tabs that reads “Only on this website”, “Shared across all your Projects”.