Default Styles and Spacing in a Div

Hey everybody!

I’m new to Webflow… but bring lots of coding experience. So I’m trying to get use to how this works.

I am creating a grid stack that contains an image as my background image… a content div that holds the headlines and other “stuff”.

One of my divs holds two h1s and for whatever reason they are spaced apart by this distance… I don’t know where this distance is coming from.

In this picture… I expect the two headlines to be right on top of each other with zero spacing at the moment.

The containing div is flex… flex-direction: column… and no gap.

So where is the spacing coming from?

It also seems like the containing div has some padding. But in the inspector there is no padding.


Will Webflow ever build a CSS editor where we can edit the CSS directly and now through the inspector?

Thanks for the help!

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Okay… I figured this out.

Webflow assigns a height on typography. Strange. So if you just zero out the height you can get things to space out correctly.