Spacing between elements

Hey there,

Embarrassingly, I’m having some trouble with what appears to be a very simple task. The home page of my project has a full viewport’s worth of space between two div block elements (arranged vertically), and I cannot get these two elements to line up again. I’ve checked through all of my spacing, size, and positioning of the two elements and their parent (the total Body element of the page). Nothing is indicating any adjustment to layout, or gives reason as to why there is blank space where I never intended there to be.

Specifically, on the Home page, I am looking to line up my “hero” div box with my “section” div box, and I’m not sure why they aren’t naturally. Please let me know if I can better clarify with a video or screenshots. The read-only link to the site is below.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK

I believe I’ve got it figured out, but for those of you able to learn from my mistake: my “hero” div box needed to be set to Fixed, and not Static position, to apply the scroll effect I had in mind. Thanks to anyone who viewed to help!