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(De-)activate Modal/Popup via Checkbox in CMS


I’m a webdeveloper but new to webflow.

Is there a way to put a checkbox (true/false) on the cms backend of a webflow site and then fetch the state of the checkbox (maybe via JavaScript)?

What I’m trying to accomplish is, that the client (user of the cms of the website) get the option to activate or deactivate a popup right in the cms. If the checkbox is activated, then the popup will show up on the live site. If not, not :wink:

Thanks to everyone in advance!



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Hi @uncuerilla,
you can create a cms collection, with a switch and fields for content in your popup. (Content is optional)
Then you can use collection lists in webflow to show it only when the switch is triggered. (You have to set a filter to the name of the collection item, you have created for this popup.)

How to create a new popup?
Create a new collection item, set parameters. And import then your collection list into your site. Set filter and conditional states (for the switch). Then style or put your popup into the collection list.


Wow – that was fast! And sounds good! I’ll try that! Thank you very much!!