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Customizing submit button with codepen

Hello there! Is there a way I could use this code to customize my submit button interaction?

This is the effect I’m trying to achieve

To this specific page (Contact page - form button)


You could try using a DIV block with a custom html code block and the submit button inside.

  1. Add a div block
  2. Set the div position to ‘relative’
  3. Inside the div, add a html element with the custom code inside
  4. Drag the submit button inside the div
  5. Set the submit buttons width and height to 100%
  6. Set the submit buttons position to absolute and ‘cover’
  7. Set the submit buttons opacity to 0
  8. Set the submit buttons z-index to 2

Hi @JSW , thank you for this!! It has been working pretty well, except when I try setting the z-index of my submit button to 2, I cant hover on my embed button to show the effect

Add this to your <head>, replacing ‘name-of-your-element’ with the name of your submit button.

    pointer-events: none !important;

Hi @JSW ! The embed is working now after adding the code to , but now I can’t seem to use the submit button to submit my form :sweat_smile:

Hi, @Bianca_Are

It seems to be working for me? Did you fix it?