Customer Links on user account pages for webflow memberships

Hello, I’ve been having this issue where I need to be able to display unique links to each user on their account page and because I can’t connect a cms item to each user’s account. I wanted to find out if I could use Attributes to do this.

The intention was to grab data from the user’s account custom fields but I’m not sure if this is possible and would appreciate some help figuring out if it is possible.

These are the fields I want to pull links from.

This is the link. Am I able to create an attribute that takes the custom field link from their accounts info to display it on their account page?

This is the settings menu for that link with the custom attributes section highlighted.

So what I’m trying to do is give a link an attribute that pulls a custom field link from a user’s account information so that when they click the link/button it will redirect them to the desired location.

Is this possible? I’ve used Memberstack to do something similar but I’m not entirely sure if this is possible with Webflow memberships and that’s why I made this post.