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Custom slider CMS with a few repeating layouts to choose from (how to)

Hey folks.

I am looking for some help in understand how to structure this.

I am looking for a custom slider setup that in the CMS I can ‘easily’ select a premade (that I would make) layout so that each slide in the slider is not the same. Sometimes full screen, sometimes 2 up, sometimes with video centered… etc… say 5 or so standard layouts I could choose from for each slide.

Not clear for me hoe on earth to setup this up so that I am not building each slide uniquely… and also so I am not blowing up all slides when I make a change to one… say if i want to tweak padding…etc.

BONUS POINTS: if you can help me get the logic for the slide where I have one background video next to a lamp… I can’t get the two items to have the same size to save my life!! (its slide 5)

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