Help Needed: Creating a User-Friendly, Customizable CMS Grid Layout in Webflow

Hey guys,

I have a client who I’m designing a website for. I want to have a site with a 2x2 grid, which he can customize the content from the cms. I would also like multiple pages, and have different layouts on each page with the ability to add images, sliders, images, background video or text.

I have managed to do this, but is very far from being user friendly and replicable. Is there a better CMS setup or any other tricks that would help me achieve a design which someone can use/edit with very limited webflow knowledge?

Here is my public share link:

here is the published site

Your readonly link doesn’t work.

Webflow does not have a way to customize CMS template pages uniquely per item. You can achieve a limited implementation of this using conditional visibility, here’s how it works-

If your client will have designer access, another approach might be the new Static page templates.

Thank you, although this is not true. You can set column and row width with attributes connected to the CMS.

^ This is what you asked for. If you’re looking for just minor tweaks like item-specific grid column widths, then CMS-linked embeds, custom CSS, bound attributes, are all techniques you can use.