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Slider Conditional Visibility

Ok so I’ve seen a few posts about this but I can’t seem to wrap my brain around it.

I am trying to setup a slider that uses CMS content. I got the slider working fine. The way I set it up was to put a couple slides then a collection inside the slide. Each slide is supposed to have 4 cms items in it (it’s a logo slider). So I setup it up using the limit/start at function and works perfectly as expected.

Issue is the client only has a few logo’s to display at the moment so we have a slide that is completely emtpy. I figured I should be able to get this done using conditional visibility and I"ve read a few solutions using this but I don’t get any conditional visibility options at all on the slider and I’m not sure why.

Do I need to add the slide inside the collection list? I feel like that wouldn’t exactly work. Webflow’s sliders are so messy and behind the times. The most limiting feature in webflow. It’s also absurd that an editor can’t add a new slide. This kind of tech has been present in things like wordpress since the mid 2000’s why can’t webflow figure this out lol

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