Custom Search w/ Algolia + CMS

Is there anyway to index Algolia with Webflow?

Importing through the API?

Any work around? - with this?

Hi @Scott_Van_Zandt, did you find a way around this?

I only found this other reference to Algolia search:


I did not find a simple way to reindex the Algolia set-up yet. I’ll update when I do :slight_smile:

Did you find a way to automatically sync / re-index a Webflow CMS with Algolia… By any chance (and if yes, care to share a quick tutorial)?

Hey @Zacchino, not sure it’s possible without some custom code and external held files. I’d reccomend using the @webflow search functionality recently added to the platform!

@Scott_Van_Zandt any chance you’ve revisited this? Or did Webflow’s native search functionality do the trick, and you abandoned the ability to instantly search?

See this hack to sync data to Algolia from Webflow CMS.