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Algolia (Autocomplete) + Webflow - Let's finally nip this bud

(Just a bit of a disclaimer, I’m not the best with Javascript, have a very fundamental understanding)

I’ve come across a number of different posts across the forum, touching on the matter. And they’ve all helped but still need a little bit of help piecing it together, so below I’ll piece together my current understanding of this process.

  1. Webflow to Algolia Sync

I just used this YouTube tutorial - Sync Webflow CMS data to Algolia — NoCodeAPI - YouTube. Worked pretty well and comes up perfectly on my Algolia.

  1. Integrating in Webflow

Here’s where the issue comes. Following the Algolia Autosearch docs here, I believe I need to add the following snippets to the Webflow header:

and these snippets to the Footer:

(I placed the second screenshot in tags)

and then finally in my custom code, place this:

If the above assumptions are correct, I’m at a bit of a road block. Because the custom code doesn’t show up. But I believe I’ve probably gone wrong somewhere.

Please help. :sob:

Just bumping this, incase anyone can help.