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Custom Search by Topics and Keywords


I’ve searched the Webflow forums for custom search solutions. Some suggestions include Google Custom Search (to be discontinued) and FindBerry.

What I am looking for is a search plugin that allows for topics/keywords to be found.

For example, see the different reviews and buying guides here..

Ideally, a search functionality would exist where people can type in

drones or quadcopters etc and it would find this drone buying guide

Another example, type in robot or Roomba or iRobot and it would find the iRobot Roomba review

Does something like this exist where the search engine “knows” the page topics?

Alternatively, which general custom search do you recommend for Webflow?


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Hello, @webdes Thanks for reaching out to the community.

With a big budget Swiftype is a good tool, but seriously expensive. I’ve used Google Search before, it’s either free or cheap ($100/Yr with no ads) with some success, although it’s boring and I find that clients don’t like it… Often times I am waiting for Google to Index the right pages for my search and customizing it isn’t always easy.

I would suggest looking into Algolia search, it’s super quick. It can be as simple or advanced as you need it to be.

You can see an example of it here (A decent integration, on one of my sites)

Oh yeah, and it’s free for up to 10,000 instances/searches per Month


I reckon Algolia would be the best solution…

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Thanks! Yes, Swift is very expensive. I’ll check Aldolia, thanks!

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Thanks! Appreciate the tip.

Swiftype has changed their prices (not sure how recently), so $79/mo isn’t that bad.