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Custom relative link and lightbox not working


I’m facing issues on my relative link (the reason I’m using relative link is because the link will change to .aspx) on the menu and my custom lightbox on the Programmes are not working.

The day before everything works well. This issue affecting the website updating and my other projects as well. Please help to solve it ASAP.

Here is my site Read-Only:


Hi Bobo_Yab,

I couldn’t really figure out what problem you need help with, could you elaborate what you want achieved?

Hi DharmaNode,

The day before, webflow works pretty well. Today, I facing some issue when I try to update the website.

FYI, my client is using sharepoint and only accept .aspx. In this case, I will set a relative link example `./t-news.aspx so that after I export, I will change all the .html to .aspx and it will link automatically.

Currently, I didn’t do any changes but just to add in new content, I found out the nav link to ./t-news instead of

While for the custom lightbox I created for the 3 programmes, it works well the day before and during preview. After publish, it totally didn’t work.

Hi @boboyab

Thanks so much for posting about this issue.

This sounds related to a bug we introduced with a recent update. Our team is pushing a fix for this right now and we should be able to identify if this is related or not. As soon as I have more information I’ll post back immediately. :bowing_man:

Hi @Brando,

Thanks for the reply. Hope this bug fix can solve the issues I facing.

Hi @boboyab

The fix should be live now — are you still experiencing this behavior?

Hi @Brando

Thanks for the update. Custom lightbox issue solved.

However, the relative link issue still exist.

Refer to the img below,


the outcome should be without the http://, but currently is not.

Any idea? :thinking::joy:

Hi @Brando,

Any update regarding the relative link issue?


HI @boboyab

Thanks for pinging me on this again — can you try using a tick (`) instead of a period before the start of the link?

(For me, this is the same key where the ~ is located).

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Hi @Brando,

I do the same way previously and webflow will auto delete the (`) and the relative link still works well.

Will change all the links by adding back the (`).

Hope the next update won’t affect this issue. :joy:

Thanks for the guide.

Happy to hear it’s working now! There was a small bug introduced that removed that tick, but it should be good now :slight_smile:

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