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[Resolved] Lightbox has stopped working

So was working in my site today when i noticed the LightBox has sopped working properly.

Even though I haven’t changed anything, now all the lightboxes on my site all open the same set of images regardless of the images that they are supposed to be opening.

I tried restoring old back ups but the problem exists across all the back ups as well…

Public Link:

Help Please!

I’m seeing the same issue so perhaps this is a Webflow issue.

Agree… looks like a larger issue…

just set up a new test site with 2 simple lightboxes… same issue…

Hey guys, we’re investigating this issue - please stay tuned and thank you for your patience!

@bryantay @Asukuluk Looks like there was a bug that was released today around 4pm PST, and we just pushed a fix for it. You might need to refresh your browser to make sure it kicks in.

If you have a site that has multiple Lightbox controls on the same page - and you published it between 4pm-11:30pm PST on February 26th - we recommend that you republish your site to apply this bug fix.

By the way, totally unrelated, but holy crap @bryantay - that is an amazing site! Great work! :smiley:

Hi @callmevlad,

I seem to still be having an issue with linking lightboxes by group. It seems to be working when in preview but not on the published page. Could you have a look when get a chance?


Here’s an example where linking lightboxes isn’t working correctly.

In preview this works:

This doesn’t:

looks like everything is working correctly again for me… Thanks for the quick response!

@Asukuluk - sorry about that! Can you please try to re-publish your site and try to see if it works now?

Awesome, thanks! …Working now